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Food Trip In Music City: Where To Eat In Nashville?

Being a tourist, one of the best things to do while visiting a new location or city is to try their delicious foods and the place’s best restaurants so to speak. In this article, we’ll help tourists (especially the first-timers) find out the best foods, places to eat and restaurants in Nashville. To know more about Nashville, visit us on

First on our list is the list created by Kristin Luna in Conde Nast Traveler on the best restaurants in Nashville where you’ll definitely enjoy not just the food, as well as the ambiance of the place itself. Check them out below.

19 Best Restaurants in Nashville

Gone are the days when BBQ and fried chicken were all the Nashville food scene had to offer (though those are still executed with aplomb). James Beard-recognized chefs are turning out creative spins on classic Southern cooking, and they’re doing it at record pace: More than 80 new restaurants debuted in 2017 alone. It will be hard to whittle down your must-eat list if you’re only in town for a weekend, but these noteworthy spots are a great start.

The Farm House

Image Source: Andrea Behrends

As the name implies, the Farm House has a distinct country vibe—sliding barn doors and reclaimed wooden tables fill the bright, open space. Farm-to-table isn’t just a moniker here. Wow your date with the seasonal dishes and intimate atmosphere. Groups are also easily accommodated and power lunchers will find this a great addition to the rotation.

Rolf and Daughters

Photo By: Andrew Behrends

Brick walls and high ceilings with exposed utilities greet you as you enter Rolf & Daughters. Italian, French, Asian—it’s hard to pinpoint the inspiration behind the dishes at Rolf & Daughters, but diverse flavors are the reason this place attracts an upscale foodie crowd. Date night is always a win here, but it’s also a great place to wow your out-of-town, extended family.

City House

Photo By: Diane Kang

Take a seat and let the welcoming vibes and mouth-watering smell of pizza wash over you. Chef-owner Tandy Wilson finally won a James Beard Award in 2016 for his playful Italian-Southern cuisine—after making the semifinalist cut nine times. The mains are delicious but it’s impossible to ignore the monstrous brick oven shoveling out large, thin-crust pizzas. Order a few different pies; food is best shared at City House. It’s the kind of casual bistro you return to over and over again.

Hattie B’s Hot Chicken

Photo By: Biscuit Love

This no-frills establishment helped put hot chicken on the global list of finger-licking good food. Everyone has their own heat tolerance—unless you’re a spicy-food fiend, beware the “Shut the Cluck Up.” Sides are all the usual suspects: green beans, mac and cheese, French fries. Unless you order in advance, lunch is an undertaking. Come when you have an hour or two to kill with friends.

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Those are some of the best restaurants in Nashville, offering a wide variety of foods from chicken to pizza, fries and so much more. If you’re looking for an intimate atmosphere and want to taste the Nashville food, these these restaurants must be on the top of your list.

Next is the list compiled by Chris Chamberlain in his article at Thrillist mentioning the very best restaurants you can find in Nashville right now. Check his list below.

The Very Best Restaurants in Nashville Right Now

Image Courtesy of The 404 Kitchen

The weather may be colder, but the dining scene in Nashville is still red hot. New spots are opening as fast as local codes inspectors will allow, and the old reliables continue to perform at very high levels of quality and service. Below we’ve got an updated list of the best new restaurants that have recently opened in Nashville recently. If you’re still hungry, keep scrolling for our current lineup of the overall best places in the city to get your eat on. (Don’t skip our best of 2018 list either, and when you need a nightcap, we’ve got bars covered, too).

East Nashville

Pizza, pasta, and drinks — oh my!
Chef Philip Krajeck is still on top of his game at this wildly popular new pizza and pasta eatery in East Nashville. Focusing on premium seasonal ingredients and innovative fermentation techniques, the menu at Folk showcases food cooked in wood fired ovens plated with precision. Krajeck’s clam and chili pizza should be the centerpiece of any table’s order, augmented with shareable plates of roasted veggies and clever meat snacks. As expected, the wine and spirits program is top-notch.

The Green Pheasant

High-end Japanese food with one of the best lunches in town
The husband-and-wife chef team of Trey Burnette and Jess Benefield build off their popularity at East Nashville izakaya Two Ten Jack with their second restaurant located on the ground floor of a new SoBro office tower. In addition to a dynamite bar program featuring sakes and whiskey, the chefs have developed a menu of delicious elevated Japanese dishes that will stretch the palates of Nashville diners. A new lunch offering should prove quite popular thanks to ramen and noodle dishes plus bento box-like sets of miso soup, tsukemono (literally “pickled things”) rice and a rotating roster of main dishes. They also serve a killer burger at the midday meal.

East Nashville

Exotic Middle Eastern cuisine in a burgeoning neighborhood
Cleveland Park has turned into a dining destination thanks to the addition of this exotic Middle Eastern eatery, where chef Hrant Arakelian draws on his Lebanese roots to present a seasonal menu of bold flavors featuring elevated versions of hummus, roasted vegetables and creative meat dishes. The chef is particularly adept with lamb and seafood, so put those at the top of your order and work backwards to the appetizers from there. An affordable wine and cocktail list offers excellent accompaniments to the nuanced elements of the food.

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Though these restaurants are pricey, rest assured that these restaurants offer the most delicious food and cozy place in the entire Nashville. Lots of cuisines to choose from Exotic Middle Eastern Cuisine, Japanese, even pasta and pizza. Surely your visit to Nashville will become unforgettable when you try Nashville’s foods.

Lastly, on our list are the well-known and iconic foods in Tennessee you must absolutely try while you’re in Nashville, and Leena Kollar wrote an article in The Culture Trip about these awesome food choices uniquely Nashville for tourists.

11 Iconic Tennessee Foods You Need to Try

Photo Credits: Edsel Little/Flickr

If there’s one thing you’ll find an abundance of in the South, it’s delicious food. From hearty mains to tasty sides, there is a lot to choose from, so to help you decide which foods to sample when visiting Tennessee, here is a list of 11 must-try dishes.

Meat and Three

You haven’t eaten like a true Southerner until you’ve enjoyed a meat and three, which, in simple terms, is when you order one meat and three side dishes from a list of daily specials. Many times, this type of meal comes with cornbread and sweet tea, which are also Southern food staples. One of the best places to try this specialty is Arnold’s Country Kitchen. It’s been a Nashville area favorite for more than 30 years and has a menu full of classic Southern foods.

Arnold’s Country Kitchen, 605 8th Avenue South, Nashville, TN, USA, +1 615 256 4455

Fried Pickles

In the South, just about everything is fried, and pickles are no exception. You’ll find fried dill pickles, fried hamburger pickles, and fried pickles with a hint of garlic. There are also fried pickle chips from Sportsman’s Grille, which are just as delightful as other fried pickle varieties.

Sportsman’s Grille, 1601 21st Avenue South, Nashville, TN, USA, +1 615 320 1633

Sweet Potato Fries

One food in the South that you won’t find in many other places is sweet potato fries. In Tennessee, most restaurants offer them as a side item for customers who prefer them over regular fries. They have a sweeter taste, but that doesn’t stop Tennesseans from enjoying them with a hearty burger full of other flavors. For the best burger and sweet potato fries combo around, check out The Pharmacy in East Nashville.

The Pharmacy, 731 McFerrin Avenue, Nashville, TN, USA, +1 615 712 9517

Learn more here…

So there you have it, the best restaurants, best places to eat and the delicious food only unique in Nashville and Tennessee. Make sure to try some or all of these delicious foods to make your Nashville vacation worthwhile.

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Best Things San Antonio Texas Is Known For

San Antonio, Texas is among the most crowded cities not just in Texas, but in the entire country as well. It is the second-most populous city in Texas and Southern America and the seventh most populous city in the entire United States. A busy city like this means that it is progressive with lots of businesses from various industries offering products and services to both locals and tourists. Apart from being one of the busiest and fastest-growing cities over the past decade, there are other several important things the proud city of San Antonio is known for throughout the years.

Mark Mancini wrote an interesting article at Smart Shopping enumerating the best things San Antonio is known for throughout the years both locals and tourists would love to know, learn, see and experience in their stay in this lively city. Know these awesome things defining San Antonio below.

Things You Should Know About San Antonio

Mark Twain once declared that San Antonio is one of only four truly unique towns in the country (the others being San Francisco, Boston, and New Orleans). Currently America’s seventh-largest city, the metropolis looks poised to climb even higher in the rankings. Historic, diverse, and home to some incredible landmarks, San Antonio’s charms have attracted more than 350,000 new residents since 2004. Read on for 25 facts to file away about the Alamo City.

1. In January 1691, Spain appointed Domingo Terán de los Ríos as the first governor of its Texas province. Later that year, he traveled widely across his new domain. On June 13, the governor made a fateful stop. As it happens, Catholics recognize this date as a holiday—specifically, St. Anthony’s Feast Day. To honor the occasion, Terán named the locale he’d just arrived in “San Antonio.”

2. Worried that France might expand into the territory, Spain convinced a few of its colonial subjects to pack up and begin new lives in Texas. On March 9, 1731, 16 families from the Canary Islands landed in what’s now San Antonio. It’s generally agreed among historians that these were the first Spanish civilians to settle there—though a small military community had been present since 1715.

3. Theatergoers in modern San Antonio can get their fix at the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts. This facility is named after philanthropist Robin Lynn Batts Tobin—who was directly descended from the town’s original Canary Island transplants.

4. Famously, San Antonio is the home of the Alamo, where a key Texas Revolution battle broke out in 1836. Raging on for 13 days, the bloody event claimed at least 521 lives. You probably know that one of the fallen was American legend Davy Crockett. But did you know that there’s a debate about how he died there? San Antonio mayor Franco Ruiz claimed to have spotted Crockett’s body sprawled out on the battleground.

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The uniqueness and diversity of San Antonio make it one of the prime tourists’ destinations in the country, adding to the fact that it is one of the busiest and most crowded cities out there. Of course, who would not know the world iconic Alamo and its role towards one of the city’s historic events? The city is also known as the home of the Tobin Center for Performing Arts. So if theater arts is your cup of tea, then San Antonio must be part of your dream destinations. These and more such as Bracken Cave, which is dubbed as the world’s biggest bat colony are among the most interesting facts San Antonio is known for.

These interesting things unique to San Antonio could potentially drive more tourists, especially first-timers to visit San Antonio. Well, apart from visiting The Alamo, there are a lot of things you can do, eat and visit to make your San Antonio vacation memorable. Casey Makovich wrote an article for the first time San Antonio TX visitors, including the top things to do and must-see and do attractions while in the city.

Top 10+ Things to Do in San Antonio for First Time Visitors – Must See & Do Attractions

San Antonio features a unique culture; one that is a testament to its historical influences. From its early indigenous inhabitants to the Spanish colonization to its independence from Mexico in the Texan Revolution to the great German migration, San Antonio’s culture is unique in its diversity – and that in itself is something worth exploring.

We put together a list of the top things to do in San Antonio, including museums, theme parks, sampling some of the best food in the US, and more. Here’s what you can’t miss…

Save on admission to top attractions

Admission to many of these attractions is included with the Go San Antonio pass. Use your Go San Antonio card to save up to 45% vs gate price.

1) SeaWorld® San Antonio

Part aquarium, part thrill-packed theme park, SeaWorld San Antonio lets visitors get closer than ever to tons of marine life, including dolphins, penguins, and polar bears, get splashed by killer whales, and then get an adrenaline rush reaching speeds of up to 50-miles per hour on sea-themed themed thrill rides.

Adrenaline-seekers will want to map their day at SeaWorld around the many thrill rides, like the fast-moving The Great White® ride featuring 360-degree flips and corkscrews, or The Steel Eel’s 15-story vertical drop and camelbacks that give you a feeling of weightlessness.

When the afternoon sun is at its hottest, cool off on the classic splash-drop coaster ride Journey to Atlantis® or the Rio Loco®–just be prepared to get soaked!

Younger ones will want to spend some time at the Sesame Street® Bay of Play®, where they can meet the cast of Sesame Street, take a spin on fun rides like the Shamu Express® mini roller coaster, or sit back and watch an entertaining, family-friendly show.

2) Six Flags Fiesta Texas

From classic theme park rides like Ferris wheels, bumper cars, water slides, and wave pools, to some of the most cutting-edge thrill ride experiences, like the new 4D Free Fly Coaster BATMAN™: The Ride, Six Flags Fiesta Texas has fun and entertainment for everyone.

The park features seven distinct, themed areas within the park, with lots of rides and varying thrill levels and a water park with slides, rides, and pools.

In addition to all the thrill and water rides, Six Flags Fiesta also has lots of shows and entertainment scheduled throughout the day, plus, several dining and shopping spots. Check the schedule to plan your day around the entertainment you want to see.

3) Texas Hill Country & LBJ Ranch Tour

Get the full Texas Hill Country experience on this fully narrated, one-day excursion from San Antonio.

You’ll get a tour of Lyndon B. Johnson’s boyhood home and the LBJ Ranch, also known as the “Texas White House,” and learn all about the legacies of both Lyndon B. Johnson, America’s 36th president, and his wife, Claudia “Lady Bird” Taylor.

Next, you’ll break for lunch and free time in the picturesque and historic town of Fredericksburg, a classic German town where you’ll see the influence of the great German migration of the 1840s and 1850s.

After Fredericksburg, you’ll head to Luckenbach, home of lots of musical legends, including Willie Nelson, Jerry Jeff Walker, Hondo Crouch, and many more.

The last stop on the tour will be to an award-winning winery where you’ll learn about the Texas wine industry first hand (for adults 21+, of course).

Browse full article here…

What’s make the city of San Antonio unique and popular is because of its unique culture attributed to its historical influences since the Spanish era. Its diverse culture is what makes tourists keep coming back after their first visit to the city. Also, there are a lot of attractions to explore within the city apart from The Alamo, and they are for the family. SeaWorld San Antonio, Six Flag Fiesta Texas, San Antonio Zoo and more are perfect places for a family bonding while on vacation. These attractions are very affordable and very child-friendly, but the most important thing is that these attractions are what San Antonio is known for.

It is only when you visit San Antonio and its wonderful attractions and historical artifacts that you’ll fully understand the city in its entirety. Now, if you want to know and understand San Antonio, check out this article published by Matador Network which discuss on the things you’ll fully understand when you visit San Antonio.

12 things you’ll only understand if you’ve visited San Antonio

Plastered on trucks all over San Antonio, you’ll see bumper stickers that say, “I wasn’t born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could!” At one time I wondered, Is that really true? I was just barely a transplant myself, and I didn’t understand the mad rush.

But over the years, I saw the magic unfold. I saw person after person fall in love with the big-city-small-town feel of San Antonio and decide to plant roots — or I saw them leave only to come back as fast as they could. Maybe it’s the affordable living, the mouth-watering tacos, or the iconic River Walk. Once you get here, you’ll understand why people don’t want to leave. And why Mark Twain called San Antonio one of the most unique spots in the country.

On the city’s 300th birthday — 2018 — those reasons will be all the more palpable. Here are 12 truths you’ll only understand once you’ve been to the Alamo City.

1. You don’t know San Antonio if you don’t know the River Walk.

It’s a must-do on everyone’s list. You need to see it to know why. Walking paths, stone bridges, lush landscapes, historic lore, open-air theaters, food, shopping — and the baddest display of Christmas lights this side of the Mississippi.

You can also bet the River Walk will be at the center of the celebration going down during San Antonio’s 300th. Commemorative Week is May 1-6, but the festivities kick off on New Year’s and 2018 is going to be all about events. Get to the River Walk, and you’re bound to run into some kind of fair, art show, or limited-edition 300th brew somewhere along the way.

2. There’s no such thing as too much history.

In 2015, San Antonio’s missions, which include the Alamo, got their UNESCO designation, making us the only city in Texas with World Heritage bragging rights. And while the Spanish history here is intriguing enough, we can’t forget the indigenous influence these missions represent. San Antonio has a story that travels beyond its 1718 founding, back to a time when the Payaya and neighboring tribes ruled the land. Through agricultural know-how and labor, the native people of San Antonio helped the missionaries settle and build our beloved missions — complete with gorgeous Catholic-indigenous designs, Davy Crockett’s hair, and a Mariachi Mass.

3. We bleed silver and black.

Okay, you might not even like basketball. Believe me, I didn’t when I first got here 18 years ago. But eventually I found myself clothed in silver and black, reeling from every loss, honking my horn in the middle of the night to celebrate (another) NBA championship.

To say we love our Spurs is really a typo. We live our Spurs. You’ll see the fandom plastered on billboards all over the city, in car dealership commercials, and even in our morning cereal. Why? Maybe it’s because the Spurs, like the city, have multicultural roots. Or perhaps it’s because the Spurs have the skills, class, and the heart to win over even the toughest skeptics. Whatever the reason, one thing is clear: San Antonio lives and dies with the Spurs.

4. You can keep your complimentary bread.

Attention, restaurants. In San Antonio, it’s ALL about the chips and salsa. You’ll be judged for it, you’ll be Yelped for it, and there will be great debates about it. You’ve been warned. And visitors: Now you’re in on the secret!

Browse full list here…

These are the things you’ll only understand when you visit San Antonio for the very reason that you’ll only experience them in the city. They also contribute as to what San Antonio is known for to the outside world. Apart from the fun factor of experiencing these attractions, understanding the city, its people, history and culture of San Antonio could be the most priceless thing you can get visiting the city. This will also allow you to appreciate and love San Antonio even more that will urge you to keep coming back for more, or help you decide to move to the city for good.

After knowing the most significant things San Antonio is known for and decided to move in to the city for good, Dependable Homebuyers can help you find the best home deals in San Antonio TX area. To get started, check us out at and we look forward to hearing from you.

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Getting To Know The Most Important People In Nashville

Nashville is dubbed as the Music City, thus you can find lots of important people in the city that are most likely related to the entertainment scene. In this article, we get to know the popular people we can found, meet or are from the city of Nashville, Tennessee.

As mentioned, Nashville is the country music capital of the world, which makes it the home to many country singers as well as celebrities who prefer the country life. Leena Kollar of Culture Trip listed the famous people you might actually bump into Nashville. You might get shocked if you bumped into these famous people within the city.

10 Famous People You Might Bump Into in Nashville

Photo Credits: Disney | ABC Television Group

Being that it’s the Country Music Capital of the World, Nashville is home to many country singers and other celebrities who enjoy the country life. But, unlike Los Angeles or New York, Nashville doesn’t have the accompanying paparazzi community that invades celebrities’ privacy. Thanks to their ability to fly under the radar, these celebrities are often spotted out and about in Nashville.

Carrie Underwood

The American Idol alum and her hockey player hubby, Mike Fisher, reside in the prestigious Governor’s Club in the suburb of Brentwood. Along with their two-year-old tot, Isaiah, the Fishers can be found attending local churches, shopping at the supermarket, and ordering sweets from local bakeries like Ivey Cake in downtown Franklin. In fact, both Carrie’s and Isaiah’s birthday cakes were custom made by Ivey and her team.

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman

Their roots might be planted in Australia, but this power couple calls Nashville home. Often seen around the Green Hills area, Keith and Nicole enjoy stopping by local hot spots like Frothy Monkey, Pancake Pantry (Keith’s favorite are the Caribbean pancakes), and The Mall at Green Hills. Their daughters also attend a private Catholic school in the Nashville area.

Brad Paisley

South of Nashville in the town of Franklin is where Brad Paisley and his wife, Kimberley, have settled. While Brad spends a lot of time on tour, locals have seen the country crooner and his wife toting their boys, Huckleberry and Jasper, around Nashville. Whether it’s to swimming lessons, school activities, or a night out at a local restaurant, Brad and his family do venture out on occasion, but the Paisley clan keeps a mostly low-profile existence.

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Those are indeed famous personalities you might see while strolling the city on a fine sunny day. Imagine you bumped into Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman at Frothy Monkey or at The Mall at Green Hills. You might be sitting next to Carrie Underwood on a local church service, or see her shopping at the local supermarket. Thinking all of the possibilities of the chance of meeting these famous personalities make it even more exciting to visit Nashville.

In addition to the abovementioned, there are actually famous places where there’s a higher chance of meeting important persons of Nashville, and Susanna Pilny of Livability knew these places. Check out her article below to know these awesome spots.

The 5 Best Places to Spot Celebrities in Nashville, TN

Image Source: Livability

Music City is chock-full of famous people, and here are some places you’re likely to bump into them.

Unless you live in cities like New York or Los Angeles, you probably haven’t had the chance to see many celebrities in person. So if you’re looking to add some excitement to one of your vacations, you may want to try visiting Nashville, Tennessee. Not only does Nashville have a great nightlife, but it offers what very few others cities can: A great chance of seeing celebrities as they go about enjoying Nashville’s laid-back attitude.

1. The Mall at Green Hills

The Green Hills area tends draw the rich and famous, and the mall there is definitely no exception. My brother worked in that mall for two years, and in that time he saw a ton of famous people, including Alan Jackson, Scott Hamilton, R. Kelly, Taylor Swift, Mac Macanally, Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn, Lily Aldridge, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw and more.

2. Santa’s Pub

Nothing in Nashville is quite like Santa’s. It’s run out of a Christmas-y doublewide (with a patron who looks like the man in red himself), so it’s the ultimate dive bar. Beer is $2 and up, karaoke starts at 7PM, and locals love it—celebs included. Personal sightings include Kacey Musgraves and Big Kenny from Big & Rich—plus Gavin DeGraw and Ed Sheeran, who both decided to join in on the karaoke one time. The best time to show up is usually later in the evening on a weekend.

Browse the entire list here…

Remember that Nashville is known for its influence in music and entertainment, and there are several bars and pubs where you can spot celebrities like Kacey Musgraves, even Ed Sheeran who was seen joined on the karaoke one time. Other places in the city include the popular The Mall at Green Hills, Pinewood Social and other Nashville’s popular landmarks. Whether you’re a local and Nashville or a tourist, you must visit these places to spot some of Nashville’s important people.

The Famous People also compiled a list of the most famous persons in Nashville, check them out below.

Famous People Born In Nashville

Nashville has produced a number of well-known family members, actors, actresses and several other personalities from other spheres. Our list of famous people from Nashville includes Carl Thomas Dean, Chord Overstreet, Carrington Durham, Abby McGrew, Debby Clarke Belichik, and many others.

Carl Thomas Dean





Carl Thomas Dean is the husband of famous American singer Dolly Parton.

Chord Overstreet

Chord Overstreet is an American actor, singer, and musician.

Carrington Durham

Carrington Durham is an American actress, YouTube personality and Instagram star.

Know the rest of them here…

They are only some of the many personalities that are from Nashville and you might bump into the city during your vacation in the city’s attractions and landmarks. Don’t be shy to take a photo with them if you see one or a number of the personalities mentioned in this article.

To know more about the important people in Nashville and where you can find them, visit

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How To Make Money off of Foreclosures

People who are looking to buy good deal properties, seasoned real estate investors and house-flippers often looked at the list of foreclosed properties for them to find cheap houses that are in good condition. However, while some made fortunes out of these foreclosed properties, equating it to easy money is a huge mistake – especially if you don’t have the knowledge how to maximize it. For house flippers, what is supposedly cheap might end up spending more on the repairs, renovations, among others.

You must know about getting into foreclosure list to avoid impulse buying or relying on emotions in sealing the deal. Well, in case you don’t have any experience in buying foreclosed properties, then check out this article written by Jennifer Bradley Franklin posted at which talks about the basics of buying foreclosed properties. Read below to learn how buying foreclosed properties is done.

How to buy a foreclosed home in 5 steps

Who doesn’t love a good bargain? Buying a foreclosed home can score you a great deal and be a smoother process than working with a traditional owner.

“The advantage of purchasing a foreclosure property is, in short, price,” says John Soffee, a Realtor with Freedom Realty Services in Midlothian, Virginia.

What is a foreclosure?

Foreclosures happen when a lender takes a property from an owner who has defaulted on their mortgage and has fallen behind on payments. Lenders, in turn, will try to recoup as much of their investment as possible by selling a foreclosed home for slightly less than it might be worth.

In the right situation, “you are getting something below market value because the bank is motivated to get the home sold,” says Rose Sklar of The Sklar Team of Coldwell Banker in Weston, Florida. “Also, the bank tends to negotiate more than a typical seller would.”

5 steps to buying a foreclosed home

1. Find an experienced real estate agent

Hire an agent who is knowledgeable about the foreclosure process to represent your interests and will keep the transaction moving. One strategy for finding the right agent is to visit websites with a database of foreclosed homes in your desired area. Look for Realtors who have specialized real estate training in this area, such as the Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE) or the Short Sales and Foreclosure Resource (SFR) designations.

A buyer can work directly with the bank’s real estate agent instead of using a buyer’s agent to save on the commission split. This can be a risk, though, because “buyers feel more secure when they are (directly) represented,” Soffee says.

2. Get a preapproval letter

Unless you can afford to pay cash, you’ll want a mortgage preapproval letter in hand when you make an offer on a foreclosure, Soffee says.

“It separates the lookers from the buyers,” he says. Preapproval letters detail how much money you can borrow, based on the lender’s thorough assessment of your credit score and income.

Find a mortgage lender who understands your goals, and gather the necessary paperwork to obtain a preapproval letter. Read more here…

The very advantage of buying foreclosed houses is, of course, its affordable price, and a lot of these houses are in excellent condition with only a few renovations needed by the buyer. These types of properties house flippers and real estate investors are looking forward to sealing the deal for they bring in huge profits. First-time homebuyers must also look for these types of houses in the list of foreclosed properties. See how to buy foreclosed properties, equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to find good deals. However, if you are not confident in doing it on your own, you can always hire an experienced real estate agent to get the job done for you – for a price of course.

As mentioned by some experts, finding affordable homes that are in excellent condition are relatively easy. There are easy ways to make money in foreclosures the way expert house-flippers are slaying it. Check out this article published at Profitable Venture and know what are the easy steps in making money in buying foreclosed properties.

7 Easy Steps to Make Money Buying and Selling Foreclosed Homes

The real estate industry is known all over the world to be a very lucrative industry and some people make the mistake of believing that the industry is only opened to those who are already wealthy. The truth is that a determined entrepreneur that is interested in the real estate industry can make cool cash with little of no startup capital; you can enter the industry as a real estate agent and then make commission off properties that are listed for sale or for lease / rent.

If you are thinking of starting a real estate business, then you should consider starting with buying and selling foreclosed homes. Buying and selling foreclosed homes is one of the easiest ways of making great profits from properties business simply because one can get a foreclosed home below the market value due to obvious reasons. Homes are listed as foreclosures by banks or financial institutions for various reasons.

No doubt an investor can make great gains buying distressed properties, but at the same time if the risks are not properly analyzed it could lead to great loss. In essence, the beauty of this type of business is that you can either hit or miss. Now let us consider the steps to follow to be able to make profits buying and selling foreclosed homes;

Easy Steps to Make Money Buying and Selling Foreclosed Homes

1. Secure Pre–approval for a Mortgage

If you are interested in purchasing foreclosed homes, then you must be very proactive. Being proactive in this regard is all about securing pre – approval for a mortgage from your bank. This is so because most homes that are listed as foreclosure sells within a short period. The bottom line is that if you are hunting for a foreclosed property to buy, then you must have your financial instrument ready.

2. Work with a Real Estate Agent That Is Specialized in Foreclosed Homes

If you are a busy business man / woman or a busy executive and are interested in the buying and selling of foreclosed homes, then you must work with a real estate agent that is specialized in foreclosed homes. They know how to source for this homes and how to get good deals.

3. Be Apt in Getting Info on the Sale of Foreclosures

One thing about foreclosed homes is that they don’t stay long in the market, there are loads of people targeting foreclosed home that is why you must be apt in getting info on the sale of foreclosures; you ears must be on the ground. As soon as you get the info of the listing of a foreclosed home, then you need to be prompt in taking decisions; any time wasted can cost you the deal.

4. Get Listing of Foreclosed Homes and Compare Prices

Although, people rush to purchase foreclosed homes that are listed in the market does not mean that you will not carry out your due diligence before making a purchase. If you are interested in buying and selling foreclosed homes, ensure that you try as much as possible to get the listing of foreclosed homes in your choice location, and then compare the prices. This is necessary if you truly want to maximize profits.

Click here to read the entire list…

There is no need to worry if this is your very first time browsing into long lists of foreclosed properties, finding some bang for buck house that will soon become your residence, or will bring you huge profit if you’re going to house flip the property. For real estate investors like house flippers, experience also helps a lot in making better decisions in buying foreclosed property to flip. Try also to compare prices from different foreclosure listings, finding what’s cheaper to fully maximize profit.

Kevin Mercadante of MoneyUnder30 also posted an article that discussed some of the most useful tips on how to buy and be profitable in buying foreclosures.

How To Buy A Foreclosed House (And Actually Make Money On It)

Buying foreclosed properties, fixing them up, and selling them looks easy on TV, but in reality, it’s a more complicated process than most people think. Here’s how to buy a foreclosed house and actually make a profit.

Those foreclosure programs you see on TV make the foreclosed housing game seem way more exciting and entertaining than it actually is. But, if they’ve convinced you it’s an easy way to make money and you’re looking to take a shot at it yourself, there’s a lot you need to know.

Buying, renovating and selling a foreclosed house is incredibly profitable for some, but be warned—it’s a complicated process, and the potential to lose a lot of money is very real.

So how can you buy a foreclosed house in such a way that it’s likely to be a profitable venture?

First order of business: know market values

Your entire foreclosure adventure will rise and fall on your knowledge of the market area where you’re purchasing the property. The more you know about values in the area, the greater the likelihood of success.

A foreclosed property has two values—the purchase price you’re likely to buy the house at, and the market value that the finished property is likely to sell for. The difference between the two will determine how much money you should spend on rehabilitating the property, and how much profit you can expect to make on the trade.

There are different ways you can make this determination. A quick method is to use online resources, such as and Both sites provide a “high altitude” look at the value of a property, or at least the general neighborhood.

That’s a good starting point, but you’ll have to drill down deeper, eventually. If you plan to make an offer on a foreclosed property, you’ll have to have a more accurate picture of what the specific completed value is likely to be. The best source for this information is a trusted real estate appraiser. With just the address, an appraiser can determine final market value based on sales of comparable homes in the area.

Where to find foreclosed houses

There are actually several sources where you can find foreclosed houses. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks.


These can be good sources since foreclosures are typically posted in local newspapers. They can allow you to get into the process before the general public. For example, if a property is listed as a Notice of Default (NOD) you may be able to contact the current homeowner and work out a purchase before the property goes to auction.

The drawback is that you will probably need to be an all-cash buyer if you come in at this stage of the process. And competition from other foreclosure buyers can be heavy for these properties.

Foreclosure websites

There are actually websites that specialize in foreclosures. is a source here, but you should also check out, since foreclosures are most of what they do. There are also online county public records databases, but this can be akin to sifting through the sand, since they include so much detail and much of it is dated.

Read more here…

Keep in mind that while it is shown in various websites and videos that making money out of foreclosures is very easy, the reality is that it is more complicated than you think, especially if you don’t equip yourself with the right knowledge and skills to get the best deals. You must also willing to take a huge risk since this investment could potentially lead you to lose money. Learn first how house flipping works, then study how to get the best home deals out of foreclosure lists. A combination of these skills will definitely bring you to house flipping or home buying success.

It is unfortunate to see someone loses hard-earned homes due to foreclosure. While it is a loss for some, it is actually a win for first-time homebuyers who are looking to find affordable homes that are in excellent condition. House flippers also love to flip foreclosed properties since they only need minor repairs or renovations, selling it for a profit. Purchasing a property in the foreclosure lists has its pros and cons, but if you’re ready to face the challenge, whether you’re a home buyer or an investor, Dependable Homebuyers can help you browse through the long list of foreclosed properties, finding the best deals and sealing the deal. To learn more, visit their website at and we look forward to hearing from you.

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Real Estate News: We Might See An Ease To Home Buyer Competition In The Next Months

The housing market, in general, was characterized by rising home prices throughout the country and housing affordability on the lowest end. This means that only a few can afford to purchase a new house. In the early months of 2019, we have seen signs of slowing down in home prices, which by the way is a good sign for homebuyers who are tired of renting and wanted to finally own a home.

Another great news in the housing market is the easement of home buying competition as the entire housing market starts to cool down. Alcynna Lloyd of Housing Wire wrote this interesting story at Housing Wire, so read the article below to know more about the news.

Redfin: Homebuyer Competition Eases as Housing Market Cools

Image Source: Housing Wire

This winter, buyers spent the shortest time searching for homes within the last 6 years

As the housing market continues to cooling, homebuyers across the country are benefiting from declining home prices and rising inventory.

In fact, according to recent data from Redfin, housing market competition is easing, therefore permitting homebuyers to close on homes faster than previous months.

“With more homes on the market, prices growing at a slower rate and even falling in some markets, and less competition from other buyers, finding a home is a lot less stressful this year than it has been in recent years,” Redfin writes. “When a buyer finds the home they want to make an offer on there’s now a greater chance that their offer will be the only one and that the seller will accept it.”

In fact, these factors led to the shortest median home search length for homebuyers during the winter months in at least six years, according to Redfin.

Furthermore, in the three months ending in February, it took the typical homebuyer only 73 days to close on their new home after just one home tour.

Not only is this down from 76 days in 2018, but it is also a decline from the housing market peak of 84 days in the winter of 2016.

“This year, there are more homes for sale relative to the number of buyers, so a buyer is more likely to have their first offer accepted, while sellers are having to wait longer for their home to be sold,” Redfin Chief Economist Daryl Fairweather said. See full post here…

This is extremely great news for all homebuyers throughout the country since the housing market has already shown signs of cooling down from increasing how prices, mortgage interest rates, among others. Also this year, lots of experts have anticipated more home sellers than buyers, which allows homebuyers to most likely accept home deals and offers.

With more homebuyers in the entire country already benefitting on the easing of home buyer competition in purchasing properties, the next question arises would be: Is it the best time to buy a home in 2019? Brian O’Connell might have the answer for you in his article published at TheStreet. Check it out below to learn more.

When Is the Best Time to Buy a Home in 2019?

Image From Getty Images

Knowing when to buy a home is as vital as knowing what you’re going to buy and where you’re going to buy it.

Knowing the right time to buy house is just as important in the home buying process as knowing what house you’re going to buy, where you’re going to buy it, and how you’re going to buy that home.

Why is the “when factor” so important?

As with most financial endeavors, timing can be everything, and that goes double for landing a dream home. Pricing, interest rate levels, the calendar month of the year, and your own personal cash situation all can factor in on when to buy.

The Best Times to Buy a Home

There are multiple factors that go into the “when to buy a home discussion.” The following factors are among the most critical, and should be evaluated first.

1. Early in the Year

The calendar is a good barometer for the best time to buy a house.

In general, prices are less expensive at the end of the year, especially in December. Primarily, that’s because the inventory that’s on the market comes from owners who have to sell, and are more willing to negotiate.

2. When Interest Rates Are Low

In the past few years, the Federal Reserve has sustained a policy of raising interest rates to keep inflation low, and the economy stable.

In early 2019, 30-year fixed mortgage interest rates rose to between 4.5% and 5.0%, depending on the lending institution. Only two years ago, when interest rates were much lower, home buyers could grab a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage for under 4%.

3. When Your Financial Situation Is Optimal

The best time to buy a new home can also be when you’re cash flush, your credit score is strong, and you don’t have a lot of large debts.

Click here to read the rest of this post…

Purchasing a new house isn’t that easy as a lot of people might be thinking. It requires a lot of preparations mentally, emotionally, and more importantly financially. Apart from the home price, there are also additional costs that might arise during the procurement process such as additional repairs, so be ready for unexpected cost as well. Also, timing is essential when deciding to purchase a home. A good buy signal is when the home prices and interest rates are low or when there are lots of sellers in the market. In simple words, this time of year is a good time to buy a new house.

The trend of housing market favoring the home buyers is also affirmed by Janna Herron and Paul Davidson in their article written in USA Today about home buyers gaining an edge in this year’s housing market.

Goodbye Bidding Wars: Homebuyers Gain Edge in This Year’s Housing Market

Photo Credits: Steven Senne, AP

If you’re hunting for a house this spring, say goodbye to frenzied bidding wars. And if you’re selling, get ready for good, old-fashioned negotiations.

While real estate brokers aren’t declaring a buyer’s market just yet, demand has definitely cooled since last summer and the upper hand sellers once enjoyed has largely disappeared.

Escalating prices and higher interest rates convinced buyers to step to the sidelines in the fall, slowing the once-runaway market. As 2019’s buying season gets underway, several factors are now in the buyer’s corner: moderating mortgage rates compared with just months ago and more homes for sale, easing competition.

Nationwide, just 13 percent of offers had competing proposals in January, down from 53 percent a year earlier, according to data from Redfin, which has offices in 85 major metro areas.

Some of the steepest drops occurred in markets that were once the hottest in the U.S. In San Francisco, the share of sales drawing multiple offers fell from 82 percent to 18 percent; in Seattle, the share dropped from 69 percent to 15 percent;and in Boston they slid from 53 percent to 14 percent.

“Sellers in the areas where we saw the highest appreciation, they can’t expect to see that now,” says Jennifer Johnsen Cameron, a vice president with Coldwell Banker Bain in Bellevue, Washington, outside Seattle. “Sellers need to be realistic about pricing. They can no longer name their price.”

The good and bad of mortgage rates

Interest rates hit Randall Parker as both a seller and a buyer. In late August, he listed his house in the rural outskirts of Nashville, Tennessee. The house sat for 58 days. By the time he closed on it in October, rates had surpassed 5 percent and school was in session.

“I thought the timing was not good on our part,” Parker, a fuel truck driver, says. “We barely made $10,000 more than what we bought it for.”

But two months later he scooped up a house in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, from a divorcing couple, and without too much competition. Fewer buyers were in the market, spooked by mortgage rates and worries about a looming government shutdown. Learn more here…

This year, at least in the first quarter is a good time to purchase a property, especially to first-time homebuyers because there are lots of houses in various listing pages. This means that they’ve got lots of options to choose from. Most likely you’ll get some good deal based on the premise that a handful of home sellers persuading a smaller number of buyers. Enjoy searching for good deals online and in local listings.

If you’re a home seller and wanted to sell your house fast and take advantage of the increasing number of buyers, but you don’t know what to do, we at Dependable Homebuyers can help you sell your house fast and easy provided you already compiled all the needed requirements. To learn more, visit us at and let’s get started.

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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Baltimore Rent Increases: One Of The Lowest In The Past Decade

Baltimore is a progressive and fast developing city with employment opportunities surging up that a lot of people from outside Baltimore are benefiting from it. This also means that these people seeking employment need a place to stay while in Baltimore, and a big majority of them definitely will opt for property rentals.

It is the start of a year and a start of a new decade, and there’s no stopping Baltimore from opening employment opportunities. With that thing in mind, it’s high time we check on the latest rental rates in Baltimore and this article written by Marco Santarelli of Norada Real Estate Investments that generally speaks about the Baltimore housing market for the year 2019 including the home prices and trends. Check out the article below to learn more.

Baltimore Housing Market 2019: Home Prices and Trends

Image Courtesy of Norada Real Estate Investments

How is The Baltimore Real Estate Market 2019?

Baltimore looms large in American history. First settled in the 1600s, it was one of the largest cities in the U.S. in the colonial era. It is often thought of as a distant suburb of Washington D.C. today, an industrial city on the decline. Yet this city is experiencing a turn around that presents a unique opportunity for real estate investors. The Baltimore real estatemarket offers a variety of properties for buyers who are looking for a place to call home.

Baltimore is home to around 600,000 people. The Baltimore housing market at first blush would seem like a bad investment, since the city saw a nearly 5% drop in population from 2000 to 2010. This is a continuation of a decades long flight from the city; between 1970 and 2000, the total population declined by almost a third. However, there is significant opportunity in the Baltimore real estate market for investors, and not just because the metropolitan area is home to nearly three million people. Let’s take a look at the Baltimore real estate market trends and the prospects of investing in Baltimore in 2019.

Baltimore Real Estate Market Forecasts 2019 & 2020

Let’s take a look at the Baltimore real estate data. The median home value in Baltimore is $114,800 on Zillow. Baltimore home values have declined -0.1% over the past year and Zillow’s Baltimore real estate market prediction is that the prices will rise 0.0% in 2020. The median list price per square foot in Baltimore is $144, which is lower than the Baltimore-Columbia-Towson Metro average of $189.

Read more about Baltimore real estate here…

It can be seen that Baltimore real estate market has declined over the past year, which can be noticed in the median price difference between the home buying and selling prices, which stands at around $55,000. This can be interpreted that acquiring a house in Baltimore is expensive, while home selling is much cheaper. However, the overall outlook for the Baltimore real estate market is positive, especially despite the rising home prices.

While the Baltimore housing market received a positive forecast and outlook, the rental prices could tell a different story. As a matter of fact, in the past years, Baltimore actually experienced a “double crisis” due to increasing rents and low income from tenants. This story was covered and written by Jessica Anderson and Natalie Sherman in their article published as The Baltimore Sun. Check out the story below to learn more.

Baltimore faces ‘double crisis’ with increasing rents and low incomes, report says

Image Source: Real Indiana

Stagnant wages and rising rents have created a “double crisis” in Baltimore, where more than half of the city’s renters live in housing considered unaffordable, a new report says.

Many of the families struggling to pay rent are poor, but costs also have increased sharply for a growing number of working- and middle-class renters, according to the report for the Abell Foundation, which looked at data from the American Community Survey and American Housing Survey.

Nearly 30 percent of Baltimore’s renter families earning between $40,000 and $75,000 a year spend more than 30 percent of their income for housing, considered the standard for affordability. That’s up from about 7 percent in 1998 and 11 percent in 2007, according to the report.

“There is this emergent trend within the midmarket, where they can live,” said the report’s author, Phil M.E. Garboden, a Johns Hopkins University graduate student. “Those families are becoming increasingly burdened.”

Middle-income households remain a small part of the rental market in Baltimore, where more than a third of renter families live below the poverty line, yet more and more people are being priced out of affordable housing.

The trend is similar to patterns seen across the country, where the number of renters has outstripped supply of homes, even as incomes remain largely static.

“That’s what’s pinching middle-income households the most … that they’re seeing household costs go up at the same time their incomes haven’t kept pace,” said Jonathan Spader, senior research associate at the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University. Read more here…

In the past years, stagnant wages and increasing rental rates resulted in a double crisis in the city of Baltimore. Renters felt that rates are unaffordable as seen in reports that more families can’t afford to pay rents not because they are poor but because the cost of living in Baltimore including rental rates, has significantly increased. From 2016 up to the succeeding years. this has become the trend for the property rentals market in the city.

However, despite all the rent increase in the past decade, as well as declining affordability in Baltimore, experts believed that the Baltimore area’s rent increases are among the lowest in the country in the past decade. Learn more about this interesting fact in the article written by the Washington Business Journal at Read more below to know how Baltimore managed to keep rental rates low in the past decade.

Baltimore area’s rent increases among the lowest in past decade

People in Greater Baltimore paid a lower rent than residents of most major U.S. cities over the past decade, and didn’t see prices rise very quickly during that time, according to a recent report from Seattle-based Zillow.

Baltimore had the 10th lowest rent increase of the 50 largest U.S. metros, rising 36.6% between 2010 and 2019. The average annual rent increase was actually a negative at -0.1%.

People in the Baltimore area paid $42.4 billion in rent in the past decade, with $4.6 billion of that total paid in 2019.

Nationwide, renters spent a combined $4.5 trillion during the 2010s with $512 billion spent on rent in 2019 alone. While rent is up 2.3% from last year, overall rent increases slowed in the latter part of the decade, Zillow (Nasdaq: ZG) said.

“While the total amount of rent paid has increased each year this decade, that trend is by no means immutable,” Zillow Group Economist Joshua Clark said in a statement. “With rental appreciation expected to decrease in the coming year and a homeownership rate that has been ticking up over the past few years, a small or even negative change in total rental spending could be in the cards in the early 2020s.”

The cities that paid the most in rent include New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago. The Washington, D.C. metro area was No. 5 on the list as residents there paid $133.6 billion in rent over the past decade, with a 10-year increase of 55.6%. Full article was published here…

This means that people renting a property in the Greater Baltimore area are paying lower rates than most of the major cities in the country over the past decade, and these rates have not seen to be increasing in that period. This is very good news for those who are planning to move into Baltimore but needed to rent a place to live. Also, with overflowing employment opportunities in Charm City, it is more likely this great news will invite more people from migrating or find a job and start building a career in Baltimore.

These are indeed great times living in Baltimore, whether you own a house or renting a property. With a booming economy and lots of opportunities for employment, landlords must expect full-occupancy at most for tenants seeking employment or even those who plan to visit Charm City soon.

Stay up to date with the latest real estate news, trends, and updates, visit Dependable Homebuyers as they give you a complete and comprehensive insight as to what’s happening to the real estate market in general. They can also help you if you want to buy a house in Baltimore.

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Important House Repair Tasks Every Landlord Must Know

Properties such as your home need regular maintenance checks to find and fix problems before it gets out of hand and poses serious problems to the people living inside the property. Now, regularly doing a house maintenance check and repairs become even more important if you are a landlord since there’s a need to ensure that tenants are safe and do not encounter any troubles with any part of the house, especially in the electrical, plumbing, broken fixtures, etc.

To put it simply, landlords must quick to act to problems that require fixing. Whether they’ll do it personally or hire the service of an expert, fast action must be done. Hiring professionals to get home repairs done can be costly and could hurt your budget big time even though the majority of these repairs could be done by you. Always remember that landlords have responsibilities to their tenants which they need to fulfill – and that includes fixing all types of troubles that require home repairs. To know more about landlord responsibilities, check out this article written by Erin Eberle in The Balance below.

Landlord’s Responsibilities to Their Tenants

As a landlord, you have a responsibility to your tenants. While you expect them to pay rent each month, when they signed that lease, they have certain expectations of you as well. Here are some of the responsibilities a landlord has to their tenants.

Maintain a Safe Environment

A tenant expects their home to be safe. As a landlord, you are responsible for providing your tenants with a secure place to reside.

Your tenants should feel safe inside of their apartment. It means you should ensure all doors and windows are properly secured and have appropriate working locks. All front doors should, at the very least, have a deadbolt lock.

You should also make sure no one else has a key to the tenant’s apartment. You should always change the locks once a prior tenant moves out and before a new one moves in. If you are going to give keys to realtors to show your vacancies, make sure to use a generic lock and then replace the lock prior to your tenant moving in.

Quiet Environment

A tenant expects their home to be quiet. Again, when screening tenants, you should look for those you believe will be respectful of others. You should also have a strict quiet hours policy in your property that all tenants must consent to – for example no loud noises, music, or otherwise, after 10 pm.

Clean Environment

A tenant expects their home to be clean. While you are not responsible for washing a tenant’s dishes or picking their clothes up off the floor, as a landlord, you do have certain responsibilities to maintain the property as a whole.

You need to make sure trash is taken out, either by yourself or through an agreement with a tenant or superintendent. You need to make sure common areas are well cared for; that they are free from garbage, mopped or vacuumed on a set schedule, and have working light bulbs. You must maintain outdoor areas in the same manner; make sure the grass is cut, outdoor lights are functioning, and the yard is free from debris.

Read more here…

In a nutshell, tenants also have certain expectations from their landlords – and these expectations must be met at all costs; the same way tenants pay their rents on time and follow the rules and regulations landlords are enforcing in their properties. At all costs, landlords must fulfill all their responsibilities for the success and failure of the property rental business.

As mentioned at the start of this article, part of the landlords’ basic responsibility is to know basic to advance home repairs. Chris Deziel of Landlordology enumerated the home repair tasks every landlord should learn how to do for them to provide a quick fix to common household problems. Check the article below and start learning all of them.

Home Repair Tasks Every Landlord Should Learn How To Do

A lot can go wrong with a rental unit, but a landlord with the skills, knowledge, and tools to handle basic repair tasks can save lots of money.

If you aren’t interested in doing maintenance and repair work yourself, because you prefer a hands-off approach, that’s great. But you’ll need an extensive contact list of home repair pros. If you want to do this work yourself, you’ve reduced your dependency on third-party schedules and can potentially save significant amounts of money.

Note: Even if you’re in a position to do repairs yourself, you shouldn’t expect to handle all of them. Certain repair tasks, such as those related to heating and cooling systems, require professional certification, while others, such as changing a shower valve, call for specialized skills. That still leaves a fairly long list of basic repair tasks you can do yourself. Here are eight of the most common ones.

Basic plumbing

Faucet leaks waste water and stain sinks and tubs, and they’re usually easy to fix. In most cases, it’s simply a matter of disassembling the faucet and replacing a worn gasket or washer. For this simple job, expect to pay a plumber at least $125 for a service call. You can usually find instructions for completing the job on the manufacturer’s website. After you’ve done this task once or twice, you’ll be an expert.

Toilet and drain clogs have a way of happening at inconvenient times when plumbers aren’t available. To avoid leaving your tenants in the lurch, learn how to snake a drain, disassemble a P-trap, and properly plunge a toilet. And yes, there is a proper way to do it.

Know how to shut off the water
Plumbing leaks can cause major headaches. While you may not be able to fix every one by yourself, you should know the locations of the water shut-offs so you can turn off the water to prevent further damage until a plumber comes.

Electrical switch and outlet repair

Dimming or flickering lights and short circuits are systemic problems that require professional attention, but when a switch or outlet doesn’t work properly, you can often restore power to that device by tightening a loose connection or replacing the device. This is a 10- to 20-minute job. Just make sure to turn off the breaker controlling the circuit before you remove the outlet or switch cover.

Appliance troubleshooting

Problems with refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, and other major appliances often boil down to a simple cause, such as a blown fuse, broken drive belt, or internal obstruction. While there’s no formula that works for every situation, many appliance repairs are easier than you expect. You’ll save the cost of the repair as well as that of the service call.

If you don’t have the user’s manual, chances are good that you’ll find a YouTube video to guide you through the process. The most difficult part of appliance repair is often moving the machine into a position that allows access to the damaged component. You may need help for this.

Find more home repair tips here…

As mentioned, landlords with home repair skills can save lots of money as well as allowing them to do quick actions to small property problems. Besides, there are lots of ways to learn these skills such as watching videos on YouTube, or asking friends to teach you home repair tasks, etc. Knowing these basic repair jobs could be one of the biggest factors that lead to you becoming a successful landlord.

If these home repair tasks are too difficult for you to learn for whatever reason as a landlord, there are several DIY home repair tips every landlord can learn and do. Sarah Yang and Sienna Livermore of House Beautiful listed some of the most common home repairs every person can do-it-yourself. Check them out below.

Common Home Repairs You Can Actually Do Yourself

Whenever anything goes wrong in your house, you might be inclined to call in reinforcement, but that’s not always necessary. There are plenty of common home repairs you can actually handle yourself, you just have to know where to start. From unclogging your sink to installing a smoke detector, we’ve got everything you need to DIY your house repairs.

Clogged Sink + Leaky Faucet
Forget calling a plumber—you can totally fix minor sink problems on your own. Even better? You probably have the tools needed—such as a plunger, wrench, and screwdriver—at home already.

Scratched & Creaky Floorboards
No matter how lightly you tread, there will be unexpected wear and tear on your floorboards. But you don’t need to call an expert to fix it for you.

Holes or Cracks in Plaster
It isn’t all doom and gloom. Instead of painting over the cracks, fill them properly. It definitely requires more time and elbow grease now, but it’ll save you a ton of work later.

Read full article here…

Fixing clogged sink, leaky faucet and fixing wall holes are some of the easiest home repair tasks that can be done almost by everyone, especially landlords who have the responsibility to their tenants. It is much better to know the basics first before even trying to learn the most complicated ones. Tenants prefer properties that are well-maintained and are in good condition – and are willing to pay a price for properties that are in the best condition.

Property rentals and becoming a landlord is a profitable real estate investment if done the right way and landlords do their responsibilities to their tenants and acting promptly on the troubles in the property. If you think you have what it takes to become a landlord and start investing in real estate property rentals, Dependable Homebuyers can help you find good deals on homes for sale in Baltimore, Nashville, San Antonio, and Washington D.C areas. 

To know more, visit our website and we are more than willing to help you on your journey of becoming a successful landlord.


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